Guppy – development made easy

Guppy is an application manager and it helps in running tasks. This involves tasks which are run through terminal. For React application development, this tool can help in minimizing the time spent on writing commands in terminal.

It can npm start your app through it’s beautiful graphical user interface. It can help build the app using npm run build or eject it.

Following screenshot is from Guppy with project ItemsInStock I am currently working on. You can easily Turn On or Turn Off the development server and perform other tasks.

Guppy GUI for managing React App on the go easily.
It can help check for updates of dependencies used in the project and update them.

How to use Guppy? It’s simple. Just head on to on GitHub and follow the instructions in Or you can directly go here and download it for PC or Mac

This tool is great for newcomers and beginners starting in ReactJS to ease their journey to become an expert developer.

Guppy was created by – Joshua Comeau

Happy Guppy Day! 🦦

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