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I am sharing this post about my recent interaction with a service provider in India called NoBroker. People often ask if they could trust a new company in the market. There are trust issues and there are incomplete service deliveries like in my case.

Is NoBroker Movers and Packers service good?

What was your experience with NoBroker Packers and Movers Service?


Here’s my story.

1st September 2020 – It was one fine day when I got to know that NoBroker provides Packers and Movers Services. I contacted a couple of other Movers who had a nice reputation in the market. These Movers have their own fleet to move items from Source to Destination. They have strict timelines and nice support networks. After having a detailed conversation I decided to book my order through NoBroker. I had trust in your services because the company is doing well in Real Estate. Being from Bangalore and working in IT made me think to trust and take a chance.

2nd September 2020 – The next day I booked my assignment to be packed and picked up from Bangalore and sent to Indore. The pickup date was 2nd September 2020 4-6 PM slot. My items were picked up at 6 O’Clock. I was told that the vehicle is at Electronic City right now. It will take 50 minutes to reach my place. Although I already gave the vendor a call at Noon asking them to arrive by 5 because a person was available at that time at my location of pickup. And he was on a tight schedule because of the flight he needed to board later that evening. Finally, 3 items, 1 trolley, and 2 Medium-sized carton boxes were picked up from my place. And I was told that items will be sent to the courier (Gati) tonight for shipping. I paid the complete amount as asked by the Vendor –Protection Packers.

Status of ,my booking says Partner Assigned even today, 12th Sep, hilarious.

3rd September 2020 – The very next day, when I had no status anywhere, neither on the noBroker App Booking page nor from the vendor. Shoaib was my Move Manager and no doubt he has been doing everything he can to keep the customer happy. I got a positive reply from him and he will follow up with the vendor and let me know the status. I got a call from him stating the vendor has said that they will ship it today, 3rd September 2020. I was fine with it.

4th September 2020 – The next day when I did not get to hear from the vendor about tracking ID, I contacted them. Subhash who was assigned as the vendor partner picked up the call. He said they will do it today, 4th September 2020. The next day I tried to contact, I was told they will ship it today, 5th September 2020.

6th September 2020 – Similar incident happened on 6th when I contacted the vendor, he said he wants me to trust him. I have paid in advance for my task, I have been promised a TAT of 7 days. It doesn’t matter but I should have an update about where my belongings are. But the vendor was not ready to do it. After a lot of requests from Shoaib, he agreed to send the tracking number to me and to him. To my surprise, I found out that this Tracking Number was a lie.

10th September 2020 – I tweeted NoBroker for an update and they called and gave me the correct Tracking Number. Finally, my items are moving towards me.

I knew the team was doing everything they can to maintain good CSAT but vendors like the one assigned for my task are ruining it. When I was booking, I dreamt of Platinum Trusted Partners that you have mentioned on your website. I imagined Agarwal Packers and Movers picking up my items and shipping them. So I could have them in 7 days and be free. I was frustrated, exhausted following up every single day to get an update.

Trusted Partners section never mentioned that local packers will be assigned to do the job.

Disclaimer – This post is a personal user review of service provider, NoBroker. The views in this post are personal. These are based on experience of the paid services used by me. This review is specific to Packers & Movers Services.

Good Luck Moving with 🤣

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