How to solve Cannot Start BlueStacks Hyper-V problem in Windows?

A lot of us have been through this issue when we freshly install BlueStacks with Hyper-V in Windows 10 PC. After installation, when we first launch the app, it doesn’t run. I think these days BS-4 is shipping with Hyper-V by default when you download the app from their official website. Instead, it gives an error which states –

Cannot start BlueStacks Hyper-V
BlueStacks Hyper-V cannot start as Hyper-V compute platform is not enabled on your PC.
Check FAQ

This is a common error which BS Team hasn’t been able to provide a fool-proof solution to. But there’s always a workaround to issues. In the FAQ link, information is confusing. People are asking in comment boxes about the issues they are facing. Instead of providing a solution, the team is pasting automated messages like this.

Comments asking for help for BlueStacks
Comments asking for help for BlueStacks

These posts in the official BlueStacks Help Center are of no use. The first link below is part of the FAQ link present in the error window.

Error Windows – Hyper-V inaccessible, Cannot start BlueStacks Hyper-V


Here’s the solution:

  1. Right Click on BlueStacks (HyperV) App Icon on the desktop. Go to Run as Administrator option
Right click on BlueStacks app icon
Right Click on the App Icon

2. Click Yes when prompted for Windows Permission to run.

Do you want this app to make changes to your device? YES

3. Now you will see this Error Box stating – Would you like to grant the current user permission to use Hyper-V? A restart will be required for this change.
Grant and restart | Exit

Click on X to close this error window


4. Once you click on X to close the error window, BlueStacks will start to run.

Start Screen
Home Screen

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I hope this post solved your problem. Thanks for reading 😇

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2 thoughts on “How to solve Cannot Start BlueStacks Hyper-V problem in Windows?

  1. It helped to close the winodw ! Just close it as fast as you can see it bc if you wait too long it dont start. But still big Thanks

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