How to easily remove a link or search item from Google Search

17th January 2021: Update: Google has created a new Remove Outdated Content Removal Tool which can be found here – It works the similar way as the old tool.

New tool for Content Removal from Google

Now you can remove links and images from Google Search and Image Search.

Link Removal
Image Removal

14th October 2020: Sometimes content on Google Search is still present even though that link does not exist. For example, I deleted my Flickr account but still can see it in the Google Search. In this post, I will show you how to remove a personal link, profile link, or pictures from Search which doesn’t exist or has expired.

When I open this, the link is not found. It gives 404 error which means I have deleted my Flickr account. Google Search still keeps showing these expired links for a certain number of days or sometimes forever. The only way to remove these personal items from showing up in the Search is by manually removing them.

How can you remove these kinds of personal links from Google Search which no longer exists?

Here is the solution:

  1. Use Search Console to place a request for the removal of expired link – Search Console – My Removal Requests
Search Console – My Removal Requests page

2. Paste the expired link to be removed from Search in the box as shown in the screen snip below

Paste the link in the input box

3. Click on Request Removal button

Click on Request Removal, a window appears

4. Now click on Request Removal again on the window which appears on the webpage

Click OK to successfully submit the request for Google Search removal

5. Link summited by you will be visible in the Removal Requests list below on the page. It has Status, Removal Type and Requested Date details in it

List of links submitted by you will be visible below

Remove Outdated Content tool

It takes some days for the Webmaster of that specific website to see the request and take appropriate action. Links from Google Search are removed once Status changes to Removed.

If you go to this link on Google Search Console Help, it is difficult to find the right place. The link to go to the page which lets you remove expired content is hidden deep.

If you still want to navigate to the right place, follow these steps:

On Remove information from Google page>go to Step 2: Take action>Get information off Google Search results>I don’t control the web page>The content no longer exists on the source web page>Remove Outdated Content tool

After you go inside the options mentioned above, the Remove Outdated Content tool link appears

Hi-five if this helped you 🎉

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