Pure React – Purely the best resource to learn React

There are numerous resources on the internet promising you to teach something in the best way. I agree that developers, creators, and writers have worked hard to deliver the course or a tutorial. It is fairly possible that certain resources can be helpful to some people but not everybody.


From the beginning when I started learning React in the early days, I was confused. There were tons of helpful resources. From Udemy lessons to dev.to blog posts, everyone was teaching React. Even today, React is the most popular JS library with infinite course material out there.

Today, there are amazing resources like Scrimba which provides a nice live editor to code alongside the video. You must have heard about Codecademy, a bit expensive but has features like side by side editor and easy steps guidance. Frontend Mentor provides an excellent way to practice your web development skills by working on the projects. It then lets you submit it and get the community feedback.


Discord servers like these have really helped people to ask questions and clarify doubts during the learning phase. Some of the popular servers are (with invite link):

  1. Reactiflux – a chat community of 110,000+ React JS React JS, React Native React Native, Redux Redux, Jest Jest, Relay Relay and GraphQL GraphQL developers.
  2. The Poppers Family – a family of 3400+ members helping each other.
  3. Scrimba Community – community with 8000+ members learning and progressing together.
Reactiflux – Community with a goal to hold developers together

Slack group of Frontend Mentor is popular with 31000+ members and counting. The community is trying to help each other in their coding journey.

Frontend Mentor Challenges is a nice place to test your knowledge

Pure React?

Pure React Book Cover ©

I recently came across the book which promises to teach React in its original form. I bought it to give it a try. The explanation given in the book is impressive. It is easy for a beginner to understand the concepts described in the book.

I have already told my friends who are looking forward to React about the book. Some of them have found this book a nice companion in their React journey. This book is totally recommended for beginners and intermediate learners of React JS.

Pure React is written by Dave Ceddia, who is a software engineer in Boston, USA. He primarily builds UIs with React.

Happy Learning 🦄

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