Fav Artist of the month: Mike Posner

Today I discovered that a new album of Mike Posner was released this week. It is titled Operation: Wake Up which truely signifies the meaning in songs. The songs are like a story in which Mike is the main character. He describes how he is ready to shave off his hairs and his excitement toContinue reading “Fav Artist of the month: Mike Posner”

Learn: What’s the Difference Between a URI and a URL?

Both of these mean different things, however are used alike. URI is sometimes confused with URL when in lowercase. How are these 2 different? A URI is an identifier of a specific resource generally. Like a page, or book, or a document. A URL is special type of identifier that also tells you how to access it, such as HTTPs, FTPs. If the protocolContinue reading “Learn: What’s the Difference Between a URI and a URL?”

Display: Grid in CSS explained

This shorthand guide to CSS Grid focuses on major settings required for an efficient grid parent container and the grid child container. Grid is known to be 2-directional systems. It can handle columns as well as rows. This is different from Flexbox which is used for 1-directional systems. This 2-directional system helps you get aContinue reading “Display: Grid in CSS explained”

How to add Dark Mode to any website?

Dark Mode toggle for Websites is the most demanding feature these days. Dark pixels help save energy in OLED displays while decreasing energy consumption in the case of other displays. It is mild on the eyes and puts less strain as compared to bright white light from the monitor. Implementing Dark Mode is as easyContinue reading “How to add Dark Mode to any website?”