Gardening in Quarantine

Doing something new has always inspired me. During the lockdown of Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, I tried again. This time, Gardening. Fresh vegetables, organic. The joy of seeing plant grow from nothing to something big is amazing. I am sharing a video in the bottom of this post created from my garden. Along with my mother,Continue reading “Gardening in Quarantine”

Podcasts I follow on Google Podcast

Podcast related to new technology has always excited me. I use Google Podcasts App to follow the best ones. On a lazy weekend or a busy work day, I play them and enjoy the talk of the expert speakers. Some of the Podcasts I follow are: Syntax – Tasty Web Development Treats – Wes BosContinue reading “Podcasts I follow on Google Podcast”

Guppy – development made easy

Guppy is an application manager and it helps in running tasks. This involves tasks which are run through terminal. For React application development, this tool can help in minimizing the time spent on writing commands in terminal. It can npm start your app through it’s beautiful graphical user interface. It can help build the appContinue reading “Guppy – development made easy”

Immutable and Mutable Values

An immutable value is the one, which is once created can never be changed. Examples of immutable vales can be numbers, string and boolean. Source element should not be affected and original element has to remain unchanged at all time. While mutable values means changing the array or modifying the value. This is not recommended.Continue reading “Immutable and Mutable Values”

Fetch API in ReactJS Projects

The most basic thing I learned after fundamantals was using APIs in ReactJS. Although not easy, it took sometime to master its concepts. There are 3 ways to Fetch data from API: Using Fetch with Lifecycle Method – componentDidMount in stateful/class component Using Fetch with useState hook in stateless/functional component Using Axios AJAX call inContinue reading “Fetch API in ReactJS Projects”

Error – Expected an assignment or function call and instead saw an expression

Expected an assignment or function call and instead saw an expression is a common error whenever I forget adding return keyword to a function. In the else if return statement, I missed the return keyword, causing this error. Problem solved.